Published: 5th Jan 2024

Vehicle Specifications

Make and Model: Iveco Daily Lightweight Curtain side 3.5 Ton.

Body Type: Lightweight curtain side body

Framework Material: All-Aluminium

Roof Material: Fibreglass

Bulkhead Material: GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

Rear Closure: Lightweight Alloy Roller Shutter

Floor Construction: 15mm Phenolic Board

Payload Capacity: 1 Ton

Overall Lengh: 4500 mm

Overall Width: 2100 mm

Side Aperture Height (Under Pelmet): 2200 mm

Gross Weight: 2420kg


Design and Construction

The Iveco Daily Lightweight Curtain Side 3.5 Ton is characteriserd by its innovative design, featuring an all-aluminium framework for optimal strength and reduced weight. The fibreglass roof and GRP bulkhead contribute to the overall durability and resilience of the vehicle. The lightweight alloy roller shutter at the rear ensures secure cargo handling while maintaining a focus on weight efficiency. 


Effcient Payload Capacity

This vehicle excels with a 1 ton payload capacity, offering bussinesses a perfect balence between load capacity and operational effciency. Specifically designed for 3.5 ton applications, it maximizes payload potential without compromising on performance or fuel effciency.


Optimised Dimensions 

The overall length of 4500 mm and width of 2100 mm strike a harmonious balance between compactness and spaciousness, making it ideal for navigating urban environments while accommodating diverse cargo needs. The side aperture height of 2200 mm under the pelmet ensures versatility in loading and unloading procedures. 



The Iveco Daily Lightweight Curtain Side 3.5 ton stands at the forefront of innovation in the commercial vehicle landscape. With its meticulously designed lightweight curtain side body, advanced materials, and effcient construction, it provides a compelling solution for businesses seeking to enhance their transportation capabilities.

For companies looking to elevate their logistics operations, the Iveco Daily Lightweight Curtain Side 3,5 ton is a beacon of effciency, representing the pinnacle of advancements in vehicle design and functionality. 

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