Custom Built Bodywork

Off-the-shelf solutions won’t work for every business. At ROCO, we can build the bodywork your vehicles need from the ground up. High quality, bespoke bodywork ensures that the vehicle your business uses is perfectly fit for purpose, whatever that purpose is. We produce bodywork to the highest standard and ensure it is built to last.

Curtain Side Specialists

If your business needs to improve loading and unloading capabilities, our Curtain Side Conversion ensures you have a good access point while maximising payload volume. We only use high quality materials in our curtain side constructions to maximise the lifespan of the vehicle. We’re capable of manufacturing curtain side bodies for rigid vehicles between 3.5-32 tonnes and on trailers up to 44 tonnes.

New & Used Trailers Supplied

Sourcing a trailer for a business can be a time-consuming process. As well as being able to build and manufacture truck bodies, we’re also set up to supply both new and used trailers. This allows you to focus your energy on the things that drive revenue.

Accident Repair & Refurbishment

With our 35 years of experience and roots in the commercial vehicle sector, we appreciate how serious a vehicle being off the road can be to a business. We work to get your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible without sacrificing on quality of work.

Box Van & Bespoke Bodywork

Our box body or Luton van conversion gives a high amount of loading space while maintaining a more rigid body. The specific dimensions can be customised depending on the payloads your business is likely to carry.

Full Painting & Vehicle Graphic Service

The identity of your brand is a crucial aspect of your business plan. This is a fact we’re all too familiar with. We’re able to ensure that whatever solution is right for your business, your vehicle can be supplied looking like it belongs as part of your business. Whether that’s through custom paint jobs, wraps, decals, or anything else we have it covered.

All Makes Of Tail Lift & Forklift Kits Fitted & Tested

Loading and unloading your vehicles can be made much easier with a tail lift or forklift kit fitted. At ROCO, we fit all makes of lift kits and fully test them to make certain that when the vehicle arrives to your business they are safe and secure.

Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certification

Vehicles supplied by ROCO Vehicle Type Approved confirming that they will meet performance standards.

We produce bodywork to the
highest standards & specification
for a wide variety of tasks.
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